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MyWidget Class Reference

#include <MyWidget.h>

Inheritance diagram for MyWidget:

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Detailed Description

Base class of all MDI client windows.

These are the main objects of every Qtiplot project. All content (apart from the directory structure) is managed by subclasses of MyWidget.

Future Plans

Rename to Aspect.

See also:
Folder, ApplicationWindow

Definition at line 54 of file MyWidget.h.

Public Types

enum  CaptionPolicy { Name = 0, Label = 1, Both = 2 }
 Possible window captions. More...
enum  Status { Hidden = -1, Normal = 0, Minimized = 1, Maximized = 2 }


void closedWindow (MyWidget *)
 Emitted when the window was closed.
void hiddenWindow (MyWidget *)
 Emitted when the window was hidden.
void modifiedWindow (QWidget *)
void moved ()
void resizedWindow (QWidget *)
void showTitleBarMenu ()
 Emitted when the title bar recieves a QContextMenuEvent.
void statusChanged (MyWidget *)
 Emitted when the window status changed.

Public Member Functions

void askOnCloseEvent (bool ask)
 Toggle the "ask on close" flag.
QString aspect ()
 Return the window status as a string.
QString birthDate ()
 Return the creation date.
CaptionPolicy captionPolicy ()
 Return the caption policy.
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *)
 Close event handler.
bool eventFilter (QObject *object, QEvent *e)
 Filters other object's events (customizes title bar's context menu).
virtual void exportPDF (const QString &)
Folderfolder ()
 Returns the pointer to the parent folder of the window.
QLocale locale ()
 MyWidget (const QString &label=QString(), QWidget *parent=0, const QString &name=QString(), Qt::WFlags f=0)
QString name ()
 Return the window name.
void notifyChanges ()
 Notifies the main application that the window has been modified.
virtual void print ()
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)
virtual void restore (const QStringList &)
 Not implemented yet.
virtual QString saveAsTemplate (const QString &)
virtual QString saveToString (const QString &, bool=false)
void setBirthDate (const QString &s)
 Set the creation date.
void setCaptionPolicy (CaptionPolicy policy)
 Set the caption policy.
void setFolder (Folder *f)
 Initializes the pointer to the parent folder of the window.
virtual void setHidden ()
 Notifies that a window was hidden by a direct user action.
void setLocale (const QLocale &l)
void setMaximized ()
void setMinimized ()
void setName (const QString &s)
 Set the window name.
void setNormal ()
void setStatus (Status s)
 Set the window status flag (hidden, normal, minimized or maximized).
void setWindowLabel (const QString &s)
 Set the window label.
virtual QString sizeToString ()
 Size of the widget as a string.
Status status ()
 Return the window status flag (hidden, normal, minimized or maximized).
QString windowLabel ()
 Return the window label.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void changeEvent (QEvent *event)
 Catches parent changes (in order to gain access to the title bar).

Protected Attributes

QWidget * titleBar
 Title bar of this MDI window if it currently belongs to a QWorkspace, NULL else.

Private Member Functions

void updateCaption ()
 Set caption according to current CaptionPolicy, name and label.

Private Attributes

bool askOnClose
 Toggle on/off: Ask the user "delete, hide, or cancel?" on a close event.
QString birthdate
 The creation date.
CaptionPolicy caption_policy
 The caption policy.
QLocale d_locale
 Pointer to the parent folder of the window.
QString w_label
 The window label.
Status w_status
 The window status.

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