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AxesDialog Class Reference

#include <AxesDialog.h>

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Detailed Description

General plot options dialog.

Remark: Don't use this dialog as a non modal dialog!

Definition at line 60 of file AxesDialog.h.

Public Slots

int exec ()
 Shows the dialog as a modal dialog.
void setCurrentScale (int axisPos)
void showAxesPage ()
void showFormulaBox ()
void showGeneralPage ()
void showGridPage ()

Public Member Functions

 AxesDialog (QWidget *parent=0, Qt::WFlags fl=0)
void setGraph (Graph *g)

Protected Member Functions

void initAxesPage ()
 generate UI for the axes page
void initFramePage ()
 generate UI for the general page
void initGridPage ()
 generate UI for the grid page
void initScalesPage ()
 generate UI for the scales page

Protected Attributes

QList< int > axesBaseline
QListWidget * axesGridList
QListWidget * axesList
QWidget * axesPage
QListWidget * axesTitlesList
QList< int > axesType
QSpinBox * boxAngle
QSpinBox * boxAxesLinewidth
QComboBox * boxAxisType
QCheckBox * boxBackbones
QSpinBox * boxBaseline
QSpinBox * boxBorderWidth
DoubleSpinBox * boxBreakEnd
DoubleSpinBox * boxBreakStart
QComboBox * boxColName
QLineEdit * boxEnd
QComboBox * boxFormat
QTextEdit * boxFormula
QGroupBox * boxFramed
QSpinBox * boxFrameWidth
QComboBox * boxGridXAxis
QComboBox * boxGridYAxis
QCheckBox * boxMajorGrid
QSpinBox * boxMajorTicksLength
QComboBox * boxMajorTicksType
QSpinBox * boxMajorValue
QCheckBox * boxMinorGrid
QSpinBox * boxMinorTicksLength
QComboBox * boxMinorTicksType
QComboBox * boxMinorValue
QSpinBox * boxPrecision
QComboBox * boxScaleType
QLabel * boxScaleTypeLabel
QCheckBox * boxShowAxis
QCheckBox * boxShowFormula
QGroupBox * boxShowLabels
QLineEdit * boxStart
QLineEdit * boxStep
QComboBox * boxTableName
QTextEdit * boxTitle
QComboBox * boxTypeMajor
QComboBox * boxTypeMinor
QComboBox * boxUnit
QSpinBox * boxWidthMajor
QSpinBox * boxWidthMinor
QCheckBox * boxXLine
QCheckBox * boxYLine
QPushButton * btnAxesFont
QCheckBox * btnInvert
QCheckBox * btnMajor
QCheckBox * btnStep
QPushButton * buttonApply
QPushButton * buttonCancel
QPushButton * buttonLabelFont
QPushButton * buttonOk
QStringList formatInfo
QWidget * frame
QTabWidget * generalDialog
QWidget * gridPage
QLabel * label1
QLabel * label2
QLabel * label3
QGroupBox * labelBox
QLabel * labelTable
QWidget * lastPage
 Last selected tab.
QList< int > majTicks
QLabel * minorBoxLabel
QList< int > minTicks
bool rightAxisOn
QWidget * scalesPage
QStringList tablesList
QStringList tickLabelsOn
bool topAxisOn
bool xAxisOn
QFont xBottomFont
int xBottomLabelsRotation
QFont xTopFont
int xTopLabelsRotation
bool yAxisOn
QFont yLeftFont
QFont yRightFont

Private Slots

void accept ()
void changeAxesLinewidth (int)
void changeBaselineDist (int baseline)
void changeMajorTicksLength (int majLength)
void changeMinorTicksLength (int minLength)
void customAxisFont ()
void customAxisLabelFont ()
void drawAxesBackbones (bool)
void drawFrame (bool framed)
void majorGridEnabled (bool on)
int mapToQwtAxis (int axis)
int mapToQwtAxisId ()
void minorGridEnabled (bool on)
void pageChanged (QWidget *page)
void pickAxisColor ()
void pickAxisNumColor ()
void pickCanvasFrameColor ()
void setAxisType (int axis)
void setBaselineDist (int)
void setLabelsNumericFormat (int)
void setTicksType (int)
void showAxis (int, int, const QString &, bool, int, int, bool, const QColor &, int, int, int, int, const QString &, const QColor &)
void showAxis ()
void showAxisFormatOptions (int format)
void showAxisFormula (int axis)
void showGridOptions (int axis)
void stepDisabled ()
void stepEnabled ()
void updateAxisColor (int)
void updateAxisType (int axis)
void updateFrame (int)
void updateGrid ()
void updateLabelsFormat (int)
void updateMajTicksType (int)
void updateMinorTicksList (int scaleType)
void updateMinTicksType (int)
bool updatePlot ()
void updateScale ()
void updateShowBox (int axis)
void updateTickLabelsList (bool)
void updateTitleBox (int axis)

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