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    File                 : Matrix.h
    Project              : QtiPlot
    Copyright            : (C) 2006 by Ion Vasilief,
                           Tilman Hoener zu Siederdissen
                           Knut Franke
    Email (use @ for *)  : ion_vasilief*yahoo.fr, thzs*gmx.net,
    Description          : Matrix worksheet class


 *                                                                         *
 *  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify   *
 *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by   *
 *  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or      *
 *  (at your option) any later version.                                    *
 *                                                                         *
 *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,        *
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of         *
 *  GNU General Public License for more details.                           *
 *                                                                         *
 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License     *
 *   along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software           *
 *   Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,                    *
 *   Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA                                           *
 *                                                                         *
#ifndef MATRIX_H
#define MATRIX_H

#include <QHeaderView>
#include <QTableView>
#include <QPrinter>
#include "MyWidget.h"
#include "ScriptingEnv.h"
#include "Script.h"
#include <qwt_double_rect.h>
#include <qwt_color_map.h>

#include <math.h>

// (maximum) initial matrix size
#define _Matrix_initial_rows_ 10
#define _Matrix_initial_columns_ 3

class MatrixModel;
class QLabel;
class QStackedWidget;
class QShortcut;

//! Matrix worksheet class
00056 class Matrix: public MyWidget, public scripted


       * \brief Constructor
       * \param env scripting interpreter
       * \param r initial number of rows
       * \param c initial number of columns
       * \param label window label
       * \param parent parent object
       * \param name
       * \param name window name
       * \param f window flags
      Matrix(ScriptingEnv *env, int r, int c, const QString& label, QWidget* parent=0, const QString& name = QString(), Qt::WFlags f=0);
    Matrix(ScriptingEnv *env, const QImage& image, const QString& label, QWidget* parent=0, const QString& name = QString(), Qt::WFlags f=0);

    enum HeaderViewType{ColumnRow, XY};
      enum ViewType{TableView, ImageView};
      enum ColorMapType{GrayScale, Rainbow, Custom};

      void setViewType(ViewType);
      ViewType viewType(){return d_view_type;};

    HeaderViewType headerViewType(){return d_header_view_type;};
    void setHeaderViewType(HeaderViewType type);

      QImage image();
      void setImage(const QImage& image);
      void importImage(const QString& fn);
      void exportRasterImage(const QString& fileName, int quality = 100);
      void exportSVG(const QString& fileName);
      void exportToFile(const QString& fileName);
      void exportVector(const QString& fileName, int res = 0, bool color = true, bool keepAspect = true, QPrinter::PageSize pageSize = QPrinter::Custom);

      MatrixModel * matrixModel(){return d_matrix_model;};
      QItemSelectionModel * selectionModel(){return d_table_view->selectionModel();};

      //! Return the number of rows
      int numRows();
      void setNumRows(int rows);

      //! Return the number of columns
      int numCols();
      void setNumCols(int cols);

      //event handlers
       * \brief Event filter
       * Currently only reacts to events of the
       * title bar.
      bool eventFilter(QObject *object, QEvent *e);
      //! Context menu event handler
      void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent *e);
      //! Custom event handler
       * Currently handles SCRIPTING_CHANGE_EVENT only.
      void customEvent(QEvent *e);

      void resetView();
      void moveCell(const QModelIndex& index);

      void flipVertically();
      void flipHorizontally();
      void rotate90(bool clockwise = true);

    void fft(bool inverse = false);

    ColorMapType colorMapType(){return d_color_map_type;};
      void setColorMapType(ColorMapType mapType);

      QwtLinearColorMap colorMap(){return d_color_map;};
      void setColorMap(const QwtLinearColorMap& map);
      //! Used when restoring from project files
      void setColorMap(const QStringList& lst);

      void setGrayScale();
      void setRainbowColorMap();

public slots:
      void exportPDF(const QString& fileName);
      //! Print the Matrix
      void print();
      //! Print the Matrix to fileName
      void print(const QString& fileName);

      //! Return the width of all columns
00152       int columnsWidth(){return d_column_width;};
      //! Set the width of all columns
      void setColumnsWidth(int width);

      //! Set the Matrix size
      void setDimensions(int rows, int cols);
      //! Transpose the matrix
      void transpose();
      //! Invert the matrix
      void invert();
      //! Calculate the determinant of the matrix
      double determinant();

      //! Calculate matrix values using the #formula_str
      bool calculate(int startRow = 0, int endRow = -1, int startCol = 0, int endCol = -1);

      //! Return the content of the cell as a string
      QString text(int row, int col);
      //! Set the content of the cell as a string
      void setText(int row, int col, const QString & new_text );
      //! Return the value of the cell as a double
      double cell(int row, int col);
      //! Set the value of the cell
      void setCell(int row, int col, double value );

       * \brief Return the text format code ('e', 'f', ...)
       * \sa setNumerFormat(), setTextFormat()
00182       QChar textFormat(){return txt_format;};
       * \brief Return the number precision digits
       * See arguments of setNumericFormat().
       * \sa setNumericFormat(), setTextFormat()
00189       int precision(){return num_precision;};
       * \brief Set the number of significant digits
       * \sa precision(), setNumericFormat(), setTextFormat()
00195       void setNumericPrecision(int prec){num_precision = prec;};

       * \brief Set the number format for the cells
       * This method should only be called before any user
       * interaction was done. Use setTextFormat() if you
       * want to change it from a dialog.
       * \sa setTextFormat()
      void setTextFormat(const QChar &format, int precision);
      void setNumericFormat(const QChar & f, int prec);

      //! Return the matrix formula
00209       QString formula(){return formula_str;};
      //! Set the matrix forumla
00211       void setFormula(const QString &s){formula_str = s;};

      //! Load the matrix from a string list (i.e. lines from a project file)
      void restore(const QStringList &l);
      //! Format the matrix format in a string to save it in a template file
      QString saveAsTemplate(const QString &info);

      //! Return a string to save the matrix in a project file (<matrix> section)
      QString saveToString(const QString &info, bool saveAsTemplate = false);

      // selection operations
      //! Standard cut operation
      void cutSelection();
      //! Standard copy operation
      void copySelection();
      //! Clear cells
      void clearSelection();
      //! Standard paste operation
      void pasteSelection();

      //! Insert a row before the current cell
      void insertRow();
      //! Delete the selected rows
      void deleteSelectedRows();
      //! Return the number of selected rows
      int numSelectedRows();

      //! Insert a column before the current cell
      void insertColumn();
      //! Delte the selected columns
      void deleteSelectedColumns();
      //! Return the number of selected columns
      int numSelectedColumns();

      //! Returns the X value corresponding to column 1
00246       double xStart(){return x_start;};
      //! Returns the X value corresponding to the last column
00248       double xEnd(){return x_end;};
      //! Returns the Y value corresponding to row 1
00250       double yStart(){return y_start;};
      //! Returns the Y value corresponding to the last row
00252       double yEnd(){return y_end;};

      //! Returns the step of the X axis
00255       double dx(){return fabs(x_end - x_start)/(double)(numCols() - 1);};
      //! Returns the step of the Y axis
00257       double dy(){return fabs(y_end - y_start)/(double)(numRows() - 1);};

      //! Returns the bounding rect of the matrix coordinates
      QwtDoubleRect boundingRect();
      //! Set the X and Y coordinate intervals
      void setCoordinates(double xs, double xe, double ys, double ye);

       //! Min and max values of the matrix.
      void range(double *min, double *max);

      //! Scroll to row (row starts with 1)
      void goToRow(int row);

      //! Allocate memory for a matrix buffer
      static double** allocateMatrixData(int rows, int columns);
      //! Free memory used for a matrix buffer
      static void freeMatrixData(double **data, int rows);

      int verticalHeaderWidth(){return d_table_view->verticalHeader()->width();}

    void copy(Matrix *m);

      //! Show the context menu
      void showContextMenu();

      //! Initialize the matrix
      void initTable(int rows, int cols);
      void initImage(const QImage& image);
      void initImageView();
      void initTableView();
    void initGlobals();

    QStackedWidget *d_stack;
    MatrixModel *d_matrix_model;
      //! Pointer to the table view
00294     QTableView *d_table_view;
      //! Used to display the image view
00296       QLabel *imageLabel;
      //! Last formula used to calculate cell values
00298       QString formula_str;
      //! Format code for displaying numbers
00300       QChar txt_format;
      //! Number of significant digits
00302       int num_precision;
00303       double x_start, //!< X value corresponding to column 1
      x_end,  //!< X value corresponding to the last column
      y_start,  //!< Y value corresponding to row 1
      y_end;  //!< Y value corresponding to the last row

    //! Keeps track of the view type;
00309       ViewType d_view_type;
      //! Keeps track of the header view type;
00311       HeaderViewType d_header_view_type;

      QwtLinearColorMap d_color_map;
      ColorMapType d_color_map_type;

      //! Column width in pixels;
00317       int d_column_width;

      QShortcut *d_select_all_shortcut;


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