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    File                 : Graph3D.h
    Project              : QtiPlot
    Copyright            : (C) 2004-2007 by Ion Vasilief
    Email (use @ for *)  : ion_vasilief*yahoo.fr
    Description          : 3D graph widget


 *                                                                         *
 *  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify   *
 *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by   *
 *  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or      *
 *  (at your option) any later version.                                    *
 *                                                                         *
 *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,        *
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of         *
 *  GNU General Public License for more details.                           *
 *                                                                         *
 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License     *
 *   along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software           *
 *   Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,                    *
 *   Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA                                           *
 *                                                                         *
#ifndef GRAPH3D_H
#define GRAPH3D_H

#include <qwt3d_surfaceplot.h>
#include <qwt3d_function.h>
#include <qwt3d_parametricsurface.h>

#include <QTimer>
#include <QVector>
#include <QEvent>

#include "Table.h"
#include "Matrix.h"

using namespace Qwt3D;

class UserFunction;
class UserParametricSurface;

/*!\brief 3D graph widget.
 * This provides 3D plotting using Qwt3D.
 * \section future Future Plans
 * If MultiLayer is extended to accept any QWidget, Graph3D wouldn't have to inherit from MyWidget any more.
 * It could also make sense to unify the interface with other plot types; see documentation of Graph.
 * Big problem here: export to vector formats. Qwt3D's export filters write directly to a file, so they
 * can't be combined with output generated via QPrinter.
00058 class Graph3D: public MyWidget

      Graph3D (const QString& label, QWidget* parent=0, const char* name=0, Qt::WFlags f=0);

      enum PlotType{Scatter = 0, Trajectory = 1, Bars = 2, Ribbon =  3};
      enum PointStyle{None = 0, Dots = 1, VerticalBars = 2, HairCross = 3, Cones = 4};
public slots:
      void copy(Graph3D* g);
      void initPlot();
      void initCoord();
      void addFunction(const QString& s, double xl, double xr, double yl,
                                      double yr, double zl, double zr, int columns, int rows);
      void addParametricSurface(const QString& xFormula, const QString& yFormula,
                                    const QString& zFormula, double ul, double ur, double vl, double vr,
                                    int columns, int rows, bool uPeriodic, bool vPeriodic);
      void insertNewData(Table* table, const QString& colName);

      Matrix * matrix(){return d_matrix;};
      void addMatrixData(Matrix* m);//used to plot matrixes
      void addMatrixData(Matrix* m,double xl,double xr,double yl,double yr,double zl,double zr);
      void updateMatrixData(Matrix* m);

      void addData(Table* table,const QString& xColName,const QString& yColName);
      void addData(Table* table,const QString& xColName,const QString& yColName,
                double xl, double xr, double yl, double yr, double zl, double zr);
      void addData(Table* table, int xCol, int yCol, int zCol, int type = 0);
      void loadData(Table* table, int xCol, int yCol, int zCol,
                double xl=0.0, double xr=0.0, double yl=0.0, double yr=0.0, double zl=0.0, double zr=0.0);

      void clearData();
      bool hasData(){return sp->hasData();};

      void updateData(Table* table);
      void updateDataXY(Table* table, int xCol, int yCol);

      void changeDataColumn(Table* table, const QString& colName, int type = 0);

      //! \name User Functions
      UserParametricSurface *parametricSurface(){return d_surface;};

      //! \name User Functions
      UserFunction* userFunction(){return d_func;};
      QString formula();

      //! \name Event Handlers
      bool eventFilter(QObject *object, QEvent *e);
      void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *);
      void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent *e);
      void scaleFonts(double factor);
      void setIgnoreFonts(bool ok){ignoreFonts = ok;};

      //! \name Axes
      void setFramed();
      void setBoxed();
      void setNoAxes();
      bool isOrthogonal(){return sp->ortho();};
      void setOrthogonal(bool on = true){sp->setOrtho(on);};

      QStringList axesLabels(){return labels;};
      void setAxesLabels(const QStringList& lst);
      void resetAxesLabels();

    void setXAxisLabel(const QString&);
    void setYAxisLabel(const QString&);
      void setZAxisLabel(const QString&);

      QFont xAxisLabelFont();
      QFont yAxisLabelFont();
      QFont zAxisLabelFont();

      void setXAxisLabelFont(const QFont& fnt);
      void setYAxisLabelFont(const QFont& fnt);
      void setZAxisLabelFont(const QFont& fnt);

      void setXAxisLabelFont(const QStringList& lst);
      void setYAxisLabelFont(const QStringList& lst);
      void setZAxisLabelFont(const QStringList& lst);

      QFont numbersFont();
      void setNumbersFont(const QFont& font);
      void setNumbersFont(const QStringList& lst);

      double xStart();
      double xStop();
      double yStart();
      double yStop();
      double zStart();
      double zStop();
      QStringList scaleLimits();
      void updateScale(int axis, const QStringList& options);
      void setScales(double xl, double xr, double yl, double yr, double zl, double zr);
      void updateScales(double xl, double xr, double yl, double yr,
                                    double zl, double zr, int xcol, int ycol);
      void updateScalesFromMatrix(double xl,double xr,double yl,double yr,double zl,double zr);

      QStringList scaleTicks();
      void setTicks(const QStringList& options);

      void setXAxisTickLength(double majorLength, double minorLength);
    void setYAxisTickLength(double majorLength, double minorLength);
      void setZAxisTickLength(double majorLength, double minorLength);

      void setAxisTickLength(int axis, double majorLength, double minorLength);
      void setLabelsDistance(int val);
      int labelsDistance(){return labelsDist;};

      QStringList axisTickLengths();
      void setTickLengths(const QStringList& lst);

      //! \name Mesh
      void setPolygonStyle();
      void setHiddenLineStyle();
      void setWireframeStyle();
      void setFilledMeshStyle();
      void setDotStyle();
      void setBarStyle();
      void setFloorData();
      void setFloorIsolines();
      void setEmptyFloor();

      void setMeshLineWidth(double lw);
      double meshLineWidth(){return sp->meshLineWidth();};

      //! \name Grid
      int grids();
      void setGrid(Qwt3D::SIDE s, bool b);
      void setGrid(int grids);

      void setLeftGrid(bool b = true);
      void setRightGrid(bool b = true);
      void setCeilGrid(bool b = true);
      void setFloorGrid(bool b = true);
      void setFrontGrid(bool b = true);
      void setBackGrid(bool b = true);

      void setStyle(const QStringList& st);
      void customPlotStyle(int style);
      void resetNonEmptyStyle();

      void setRotation(double  xVal,double  yVal,double  zVal);
      void setScale(double  xVal,double  yVal,double  zVal);
      void setShift(double  xVal,double  yVal,double  zVal);

      double xRotation(){return sp->xRotation();};
      double yRotation(){return sp->yRotation();};
      double zRotation(){return sp->zRotation();};

      double xScale(){return sp->xScale();};
      double yScale(){return sp->yScale();};
      double zScale(){return sp->zScale();};

      double xShift(){return sp->xShift();};
      double yShift(){return sp->yShift();};
      double zShift(){return sp->zShift();};

      double zoom(){return sp->zoom();};
      void setZoom(double val);

      Qwt3D::PLOTSTYLE plotStyle();
      Qwt3D::FLOORSTYLE floorStyle();
      Qwt3D::COORDSTYLE coordStyle();

      void print();
      void copyImage();
      void exportImage(const QString& fileName, int quality = 100, bool transparent = false);
    void exportPDF(const QString& fileName);
    void exportVector(const QString& fileName);
    void exportToFile(const QString& fileName);

      QString saveToString(const QString& geometry, bool = false);
      QString saveAsTemplate(const QString& geometryInfo);

      void zoomChanged(double);
      void rotationChanged(double, double, double);
      void scaleChanged(double, double, double);
      void shiftChanged(double, double, double);

      //! \name Colors
      void setDataColors(const QColor& cMax, const QColor& cMin);

      void changeTransparency(double t);
      void setTransparency(double t);
      double transparency(){return alpha;};

      QColor minDataColor();
      QColor maxDataColor();
      QColor meshColor(){return meshCol;};
      QColor axesColor(){return axesCol;};
      QColor labelColor(){return labelsCol;};
      QColor numColor(){return numCol;};
      QColor bgColor(){return bgCol;};
      QColor gridColor(){return gridCol;};

      QString colorMap(){return color_map;};
      void setDataColorMap(const QString& fileName);
      bool openColorMap(ColorVector& cv, QString fname);

      void setMeshColor(const QColor&);
      void setAxesColor(const QColor&);
      void setNumbersColor(const QColor&);
      void setLabelsColor(const QColor&);
      void setBackgroundColor(const QColor&);
      void setGridColor(const QColor&);

      void setColors(const QStringList& colors);

      //! \name Title
      QFont titleFont(){return titleFnt;};
      void setTitleFont(const QFont& font);
      QString plotTitle(){return title;};
      QColor titleColor(){return titleCol;};
      void setTitle(const QStringList& lst);
      void setTitle(const QString& s, const QColor& color = QColor(Qt::black), const QFont& font = QFont());

      //! \name Resolution
      void setResolution(int r);
      int resolution(){return sp->resolution();};

      //! \name Legend
      void showColorLegend(bool show = true);
      bool isLegendOn(){return legendOn;};

      void setOptions(bool legend, int r, int dist);
      void setOptions(const QStringList& lst);
      void update();

      //! \name Bars
      double barsRadius();
      void setBarRadius(double rad);

      //! \name Scatter Plots
      double pointsSize(){return d_point_size;};
      bool smoothPoints(){return d_smooth_points;};
      void setDotOptions(double size, bool smooth);

      bool smoothCrossHair(){return crossHairSmooth;};
      bool boxedCrossHair(){return crossHairBoxed;};
      double crossHairRadius(){return crossHairRad;};
      double crossHairLinewidth(){return crossHairLineWidth;};
      void setCrossOptions(double rad, double linewidth, bool smooth, bool boxed);
      void setCrossStyle();

      double coneRadius(){return conesRad;};
      int coneQuality(){return conesQuality;};
      void setConeOptions(double rad, int quality);
      void setConeStyle();

      PointStyle pointType(){return pointStyle;};

      Table* table(){return d_table;};
      void showWorksheet();
      void setPlotAssociation(const QString& s){plotAssociation = s;};

      void setAntialiasing(bool smooth = true);
      bool antialiasing(){return sp->smoothDataMesh();};

      //! Used for the animation: rotates the scene with 1/360 degrees
      void rotate();
      void animate(bool on = true);
      bool isAnimated(){return d_timer->isActive();};

    void findBestLayout();
      bool autoscale(){return d_autoscale;};
      //! Enables/Disables autoscaling using findBestLayout().
00351       void setAutoscale(bool on = true){d_autoscale = on;};
      void moveSurfacePlot();

      void showContextMenu();
      void showOptionsDialog();
      void modified();

      //! Wait this many msecs before redraw 3D plot (used for animations)
00362       int animation_redraw_wait;
      //! File name of the color map used for the data (if any)
00364       QString color_map;

      QTimer *d_timer;
      QString title, plotAssociation;
      QStringList labels;
      QFont titleFnt;
      bool legendOn, d_autoscale;
      QVector<int> scaleType;
      QColor axesCol,labelsCol,titleCol,meshCol,bgCol,numCol,gridCol;
      //! Custom data colors.
00374       QColor fromColor, toColor;
      int labelsDist, legendMajorTicks;
      bool ignoreFonts;
      Qwt3D::StandardColor* col_;
      double barsRad, alpha, d_point_size, crossHairRad, crossHairLineWidth, conesRad;
      //! Draw 3D points with smoothed angles.
00380       bool d_smooth_points;
      bool crossHairSmooth, crossHairBoxed;
      int conesQuality;
      PointStyle pointStyle;
      Table *d_table;
      Matrix *d_matrix;
    Qwt3D::SurfacePlot* sp;
      UserFunction *d_func;
      UserParametricSurface *d_surface;
      Qwt3D::PLOTSTYLE style_;

//! Class for user defined surfaces
00393 class UserFunction : public Function
    UserFunction(const QString& s, SurfacePlot& pw);

    double operator()(double x, double y);
      QString function(){return formula;};

      unsigned int rows(){return d_rows;};
      unsigned int columns(){return d_columns;};
      void setMesh (unsigned int columns, unsigned int rows);

        QString formula;
        unsigned int d_rows, d_columns;

//! Class for user defined parametric surfaces
00411 class UserParametricSurface : public ParametricSurface
    UserParametricSurface(const QString& xFormula, const QString& yFormula,
                                      const QString& zFormula, SurfacePlot& pw);
    Triple operator()(double u, double v);

      unsigned int rows(){return d_rows;};
      unsigned int columns(){return d_columns;};
      void setMesh (unsigned int columns, unsigned int rows);

      bool uPeriodic(){return d_u_periodic;};
      bool vPeriodic(){return d_v_periodic;};
      void setPeriodic (bool u, bool v);

      double uStart(){return d_ul;};
      double uEnd(){return d_ur;};
      double vStart(){return d_vl;};
      double vEnd(){return d_vr;};
      void setDomain(double ul, double ur, double vl, double vr);

      QString xFormula(){return d_x_formula;};
      QString yFormula(){return d_y_formula;};
      QString zFormula(){return d_z_formula;};

      QString d_x_formula, d_y_formula, d_z_formula;
      unsigned int d_rows, d_columns;
      bool d_u_periodic, d_v_periodic;
      double d_ul, d_ur, d_vl, d_vr;
#endif // Plot3D_H

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