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    File                 : ApplicationWindow.h
    Project              : QtiPlot
    Copyright            : (C) 2006 by Ion Vasilief,
                           Tilman Hoener zu Siederdissen,
                           Knut Franke
    Email (use @ for *)  : ion_vasilief*yahoo.fr, thzs*gmx.net,
    Description          : QtiPlot's main window


 *                                                                         *
 *  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify   *
 *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by   *
 *  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or      *
 *  (at your option) any later version.                                    *
 *                                                                         *
 *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,        *
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of         *
 *  GNU General Public License for more details.                           *
 *                                                                         *
 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License     *
 *   along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software           *
 *   Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,                    *
 *   Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA                                           *
 *                                                                         *

#include <QMainWindow>
#include <q3listview.h>
#include <Q3Header>
#include <QHttp>
#include <QFile>
#include <QSplitter>
#include <QDesktopServices>
#include <QBuffer>
#include <QLocale>

#include "Table.h"
#include "ScriptingEnv.h"
#include "Script.h"

class QPixmap;
class QCloseEvent;
class QDropEvent;
class QTimerEvent;
class QDragEnterEvent;
class QTranslator;
class QDockWidget;
class QAction;
class QActionGroup;
class QWorkspace;
class QLineEdit;
class QTranslator;
class QToolButton;
class QShortcut;
class QMenu;
class QToolBar;
class QAssistantClient;
class QLocale;

class Matrix;
class Table;
class Graph;
class ScalePicker;
class Graph3D;
class Note;
class MultiLayer;
class FunctionDialog;
class Folder;
class FolderListItem;
class FolderListView;
class ScriptWindow;
class Plot3DDialog;
class MyWidget;
class TableStatistics;
class CurveRangeDialog;
class LegendWidget;
class ArrowMarker;
class ImageMarker;
class TextEditor;

 * \brief QtiPlot's main window.
 * This class contains the main part of the user interface as well as the central project management facilities.
 * It manages all MyWidget MDI Windows in a project, knows about their organization in Folder objects
 * and contains the parts of the project explorer not implemented in Folder, FolderListItem or FolderListView.
 * Furthermore, it is responsible for displaying most MDI Windows' context menus and opening all sorts of dialogs.
 * \section future Future Plans
 * Split out the project management part into a new Project class.
 * If MyWidget maintains a reference to its parent Project, it should be possible to have its subclasses
 * display their own context menus and dialogs.
 * This is necessary for implementing new plot types or even completely new MyWidget subclasses in plug-ins.
 * It will also make ApplicationWindow more manageable by removing those parts not directly related to the main window.
 * Project would also take care of basic project file reading/writing (using Qt's XML framework), but delegate most of
 * the work to MyWidget and its subclasses. This is necessary for providing save/restore of classes implemented in
 * plug-ins. Support for foreign formats on the other hand could go into import/export classes (which could also be
 * implemented in plug-ins). Those would interface directly with Project and the MyWidgets it manages. Thus, in addition
 * to supporting QtXML-based save/restore, Project, MyWidget and subclasses will also have to provide generalized
 * save/restore methods/constructors.
 * Maybe split out the project explorer into a new ProjectExplorer class, depending on how much code is left
 * in ApplicationWindow after the above reorganizations. Think about whether a Model/View approach can be
 * used for Project/ProjectExplorer.
00117 class ApplicationWindow: public QMainWindow, public scripted
    ApplicationWindow(bool factorySettings = false);
      ApplicationWindow(const QStringList& l);

      enum ShowWindowsPolicy{HideAll, ActiveFolder, SubFolders};
      enum WindowType{NoWindow, TableWindow, MatrixWindow, MultiLayerWindow, NoteWindow};

      FolderListView *lv, *folders;
      QDockWidget *logWindow;

      /*! Generates a new unique name starting with string /param name.
      You can force the output to be a name different from /param name,
      even if 'name' is not used in the project, by setting /param increment = true (the default)
      QString generateUniqueName(const QString& name, bool increment = true);
      void saveFitFunctions(const QStringList& lst);

      //! \name User custom actions
      void loadCustomActions();
      void reloadCustomActions();
    void removeCustomAction(QAction *);
      void addCustomAction(QAction *, const QString& parentName);
    QList<QAction *> customActionsList(){return d_user_actions;};
      QList<QMenu *> customizableMenusList();

      QList<QMenu *> menusList();
      QList<QToolBar *> toolBarsList();

public slots:
      //! \name Projects and Project Files
      void open();
      ApplicationWindow* open(const QString& fn, bool factorySettings = false);
      ApplicationWindow* openProject(const QString& fn, bool factorySettings = false);
      ApplicationWindow* importOPJ(const QString& filename);

       * \brief Create a new project from a data file.
       * \param fn is read as a data file with the default column separator (as set by the user)
       * and inserted as a table into a new, empty project.
       * This table is then plotted with the Graph::LineSymbols style.
      ApplicationWindow * plotFile(const QString& fn);

       * \brief Create a new project from a script file.
       * \param fn is read as a Python script file and loaded in the command script window.
       * \param execute specifies if the script should be executed after opening.
      ApplicationWindow * loadScript(const QString& fn, bool execute = false, bool factorySettings = false);

      QWidgetList * windowsList();
      void updateWindowLists(MyWidget *w);
    Arranges all the visible project windows in a cascade pattern.
      void cascade();

      void saveProjectAs(const QString& fileName = QString(), bool compress = false);
      bool saveProject(bool compress = false);

      //! Set the project status to modifed
      void modifiedProject();
      //! Set the project status to saved (not modified)
      void savedProject();
      //! Set the project status to modified and save 'w' as the last modified widget
      void modifiedProject(QWidget *w);

      //! \name Settings
      void readSettings();
      void saveSettings();
      void applyUserSettings();
      void setSaveSettings(bool autoSaving, int min);
      void changeAppStyle(const QString& s);
      void changeAppFont(const QFont& f);
      void updateAppFonts();
      void setAppColors(const QColor& wc,const QColor& pc,const QColor& tpc);

      QLocale locale(){return d_locale;};
      void setLocale(const QLocale& l){d_locale = l;};

      void initWindow();

      //! \name Multilayer Plots
      MultiLayer* multilayerPlot(int c, int r, int style);
      MultiLayer* multilayerPlot(Table* w, const QStringList& colList, int style, int startRow = 0, int endRow = -1);
      //! used when restoring a plot from a project file
      MultiLayer* multilayerPlot(const QString& caption);
      //! used by the plot wizard
      MultiLayer* multilayerPlot(const QStringList& colList);
      void connectMultilayerPlot(MultiLayer *g);
      void addLayer();
      void deleteLayer();

      //! Creates a new spectrogram graph
      MultiLayer* plotSpectrogram(Matrix *m, Graph::CurveType type);
      MultiLayer* plotGrayScale(Matrix *m = 0);
      MultiLayer* plotContour(Matrix *m = 0);
      MultiLayer* plotColorMap(Matrix *m = 0);
      MultiLayer* plotImage(Matrix *m = 0);

      //! Rearrange the layersin order to fit to the size of the plot window
      void autoArrangeLayers();
      void initMultilayerPlot(MultiLayer* g, const QString& name);
      void polishGraph(Graph *g, int style);
      void plot2VerticalLayers();
      void plot2HorizontalLayers();
      void plot4Layers();
      void plotStackedLayers();
      void plotStackedHistograms();

      //! \name 3D Data Plots
    Graph3D* newPlot3D();
      Graph3D* openMatrixPlot3D(const QString& caption, const QString& matrix_name,
                                           double xl,double xr,double yl,double yr,double zl,double zr);
      Graph3D* plotXYZ(Table* table,const QString& zColName, int type);
            //when reading from .qti file
      Graph3D* dataPlot3D(const QString& caption,const QString& formula,
                                    double xl, double xr, double yl, double yr, double zl, double zr);
      Graph3D* openPlotXYZ(const QString& caption,const QString& formula,
                                    double xl, double xr, double yl, double yr, double zl, double zr);

      //! \name Surface Plots
    Graph3D* plotSurface(const QString& formula, double xl, double xr,
                                 double yl, double yr, double zl, double zr, int columns = 40, int rows = 30);
      Graph3D* plotParametricSurface(const QString& xFormula, const QString& yFormula,
                                    const QString& zFormula, double ul, double ur, double vl, double vr,
                                    int columns, int rows, bool uPeriodic, bool vPeriodic);

      void connectSurfacePlot(Graph3D *plot);
      void newSurfacePlot();
      void editSurfacePlot();
      void remove3DMatrixPlots(Matrix *m);
      void updateMatrixPlots(QWidget *);
      void add3DData();
      void change3DData();
      void change3DData(const QString& colName);
      void change3DMatrix();
      void change3DMatrix(const QString& matrix_name);
      void insertNew3DData(const QString& colName);
      void add3DMatrixPlot();
      void insert3DMatrixPlot(const QString& matrix_name);
      void initPlot3D(Graph3D *plot);
      void customPlot3D(Graph3D *plot);
      void setPlot3DOptions();

      void plot3DWireframe();
      void plot3DHiddenLine();
      void plot3DPolygons();
      void plot3DWireSurface();

      Graph3D* plot3DMatrix(Matrix *m = 0, int style = 5);

      void plot3DRibbon();
      void plot3DScatter();
      void plot3DTrajectory();
      void plot3DBars();

      //! \name User-defined Functions
      MultiLayer * newFunctionPlot(QStringList &formulas, double start, double end, int points = 100, const QString& var = "x", int type = 0);

      FunctionDialog* functionDialog();
      void showFunctionDialog();
      void showFunctionDialog(Graph * g, int curve);
      void addFunctionCurve();
      void clearSurfaceFunctionsList();
      void clearLogInfo();
      void clearParamFunctionsList();
      void clearPolarFunctionsList();
      void updateFunctionLists(int type, QStringList &formulas);
      void updateSurfaceFuncList(const QString& s);

      //! \name Matrices
      //! Creates a new empty matrix
      Matrix* newMatrix(int rows = 32, int columns = 32);
      //! To be used when opening a project file only!
      Matrix* newMatrix(const QString& caption, int r, int c);
      Matrix* matrix(const QString& name);
      Matrix* convertTableToMatrix();
      Matrix* tableToMatrix(Table* t);
      void initMatrix(Matrix* m, const QString& caption);
      void transposeMatrix();
      void invertMatrix();
      void matrixDeterminant();
      void flipMatrixVertically();
      void flipMatrixHorizontally();
      void rotateMatrix90();
      void rotateMatrixMinus90();
      void viewMatrixImage();
      void viewMatrixTable();
      void exportMatrix();
      void setMatrixGrayScale();
      void setMatrixRainbowScale();
      void viewMatrixColumnRow();
      void viewMatrixXY();
    void matrixDirectFFT();
    void matrixInverseFFT();

      //! \name Tables
      //! Creates an empty table
      Table* newTable();
      //! Used when importing an ASCII file
      Table* newTable(const QString& fname, const QString &sep, int lines, bool renameCols, bool stripSpaces,
                    bool simplifySpaces, bool importComments, const QString &commentString, bool readOnly);
      //! Used when loading a table from a project file
      Table* newTable(const QString& caption,int r, int c);
      Table* newTable(int r, int c, const QString& name = QString(),const QString& legend = QString());
      Table* newTable(const QString& caption, int r, int c, const QString& text);
       * \brief Create a Table which is initially hidden; used to return the result of an analysis operation.
       * \param name window name (compare MyWidget::MyWidget)
       * \param label window label (compare MyWidget::MyWidget)
       * \param r number of rows
       * \param c number of columns
     * \param text tab/newline - seperated initial content; may be empty
      Table* newHiddenTable(const QString& name, const QString& label, int r, int c, const QString& text=QString());
      Table* table(const QString& name);
      Table* convertMatrixToTable();
      Table* matrixToTable(Matrix* m);
      QWidgetList* tableList();

      void connectTable(Table* w);
      void initTable(Table* w, const QString& caption);
      void customTable(Table* w);
      void customizeTables(const QColor& bgColor,const QColor& textColor,
                                    const QColor& headerColor,const QFont& textFont,
                                    const QFont& headerFont, bool showComments);

      void importASCII();
      void importASCII(const QStringList& files, int import_mode, const QString& local_column_separator, int local_ignored_lines, bool local_rename_columns,
        bool local_strip_spaces, bool local_simplify_spaces, bool local_import_comments, bool update_dec_separators,
        QLocale local_separators, const QString& local_comment_string, bool import_read_only);
      void exportAllTables(const QString& sep, bool colNames, bool colComments, bool expSelection);
      void exportASCII(const QString& tableName, const QString& sep, bool colNames, bool colComments, bool expSelection);

      //! recalculate selected cells of current table
      void recalculateTable();

      TableStatistics *newTableStatistics(Table *base, int type, QList<int>,
          const QString &caption=QString::null);

      //! \name Graphs
      void setPreferences(Graph* g);
      void setGraphDefaultSettings(bool autoscale,bool scaleFonts,bool resizeLayers,bool antialiasing);
      void setLegendDefaultSettings(int frame, const QFont& font,
                                           const QColor& textCol, const QColor& backgroundCol);
      void setArrowDefaultSettings(int lineWidth,  const QColor& c, Qt::PenStyle style,
                                                int headLength, int headAngle, bool fillHead);

      void plotL();
      void plotP();
      void plotLP();
      void plotPie();
      void plotVerticalBars();
      void plotHorizontalBars();
      void plotArea();
      void plotVertSteps();
      void plotHorSteps();
      void plotSpline();
      void plotVerticalDropLines();
      MultiLayer* plotHistogram();
      MultiLayer* plotHistogram(Matrix *m);
      void plotVectXYXY();
      void plotVectXYAM();
      void plotBoxDiagram();

    //! Check whether a table is valid for a 3D plot and display an appropriate error if not
    bool validFor3DPlot(Table *table);
    //! Check whether a table is valid for a 2D plot and display an appropriate error if not
    bool validFor2DPlot(Table *table);
    //! Generate a new 2D graph
    MultiLayer* generate2DGraph(Graph::CurveType type);

      //! \name Image Analysis
      void intensityTable();
      void pixelLineProfile();
      void loadImage();
      void loadImage(const QString& fn);
      Matrix* importImage(const QString& = QString());

      //! \name Export and Print
      void exportLayer();
      void exportGraph();
      void exportAllGraphs();
      void exportPDF();
      void print();
      void print(QWidget* w);
      void printAllPlots();

      QStringList columnsList(Table::PlotDesignation plotType = Table::All);

      void undo();
      void redo();

      //! \name MDI Windows
      MyWidget* clone(MyWidget* w = 0);
      void rename();
      void renameWindow();

      //!  Called when the user presses F2 and an item is selected in lv.
      void renameWindow(Q3ListViewItem *item, int, const QString &s);

      //!  Checks weather the new window name is valid and modifies the name.
      bool setWindowName(MyWidget *w, const QString &text);

      void maximizeWindow(Q3ListViewItem * lbi);
      void maximizeWindow(MyWidget *w);
      void maximizeWindow();
      void minimizeWindow(MyWidget *w);
      void minimizeWindow();
    //! Changes the geometry of the active MDI window
    void setWindowGeometry(int x, int y, int w, int h);

      void updateWindowStatus(MyWidget* );

      bool hidden(QWidget* window);
      void closeActiveWindow();
      void closeWindow(MyWidget* window);

      //!  Does all the cleaning work before actually deleting a window!
      void removeWindowFromLists(MyWidget* w);

      void hideWindow(MyWidget* window);
      void hideWindow();
      void hideActiveWindow();
      void activateWindow();
      void activateWindow(MyWidget *);
      void printWindow();

      //! Show about dialog
      static void about();
      //! Return a version string ("QtiPlot x.y.z")
      static QString versionString();
      void removeCurves(const QString& name);
      QStringList dependingPlots(const QString& caption);
      QStringList depending3DPlots(Matrix *m);
      QStringList multilayerDependencies(QWidget *w);

      void saveAsTemplate(MyWidget* w = 0, const QString& = QString());
      void openTemplate();
      MyWidget* openTemplate(const QString& fn);

      QString windowGeometryInfo(MyWidget *w);
      void restoreWindowGeometry(ApplicationWindow *app, MyWidget *w, const QString s);
      void restoreApplicationGeometry();
      void resizeActiveWindow();
      void resizeWindow();

      //! \name List View in Project Explorer
      void setListView(const QString& caption,const QString& view);
      void renameListViewItem(const QString& oldName,const QString& newName);
      void setListViewDate(const QString& caption,const QString& date);
      QString listViewDate(const QString& caption);
      void setListViewSize(const QString& caption,const QString& size);
      void setListViewLabel(const QString& caption,const QString& label);

      void updateColNames(const QString& oldName, const QString& newName);
      void updateTableNames(const QString& oldName, const QString& newName);
      void changeMatrixName(const QString& oldName, const QString& newName);
      void updateCurves(Table *t, const QString& name);

      void showTable(const QString& curve);
      void showTable(int i);

      void addColToTable();
      void cutSelection();
      void copySelection();
      void copyMarker();
      void pasteSelection();
      void clearSelection();
      void copyActiveLayer();

      void newProject();

      //! Creates a new empty multilayer plot
      MultiLayer* newGraph(const QString& caption = tr("Graph"));

      //! \name Reading from a Project File
      Matrix* openMatrix(ApplicationWindow* app, const QStringList &flist);
      Table* openTable(ApplicationWindow* app, const QStringList &flist);
      TableStatistics* openTableStatistics(const QStringList &flist);
      Graph3D* openSurfacePlot(ApplicationWindow* app, const QStringList &lst);
      Graph* openGraph(ApplicationWindow* app, MultiLayer *plot, const QStringList &list);

      void openRecentProject(int index);

      //! \name Table Tools
      void sortSelection();
      void sortActiveTable();
      void normalizeSelection();
      void normalizeActiveTable();
      void correlate();
      void autoCorrelate();
      void convolute();
      void deconvolute();
      void clearTable();
      void goToRow();

      //! \name Plot Tools
      void newLegend();
      void addTimeStamp();
      void drawLine();
      void drawArrow();
      void drawPoints();
      void addText();
      void disableAddText();
      void addImage();
      void zoomIn();
      void zoomOut();
      void setAutoScale();
      void showRangeSelectors();
      void showCursor();
      void showScreenReader();
      void pickPointerCursor();
      void disableTools();
      void pickDataTool( QAction* action );

      void updateLog(const QString& result);

      //! \name Fitting
      void deleteFitTables();
      void fitLinear();
      void fitSigmoidal();
      void fitGauss();
      void fitLorentz();
      void fitMultiPeak(int profile);
      void fitMultiPeakGauss();
      void fitMultiPeakLorentz();

      //! \name Calculus
      void differentiate();
      void analysis(const QString& whichFit);
      void analyzeCurve(Graph *g, const QString& whichFit, const QString& curveTitle);
      void showDataSetDialog(const QString& whichFit);

      void addErrorBars();
      void defineErrorBars(const QString& name,int type,const QString& percent,int direction);
      void defineErrorBars(const QString& curveName,const QString& errColumnName, int direction);
      void movePoints();
      void removePoints();

      //! \name Event Handlers
      void closeEvent( QCloseEvent*);
      void timerEvent ( QTimerEvent *e);
      void dragEnterEvent( QDragEnterEvent* e );
      void dropEvent( QDropEvent* e );
      void customEvent( QEvent* e);

      //! \name Dialogs
      void showFindDialogue();
      //! Show plot style dialog for the active MultiLayer / activeGraph / specified curve or the activeGraph options dialog if no curve is specified (curveKey = -1).
      void showPlotDialog(int curveKey = -1);
      QDialog* showScaleDialog();
      QDialog* showPlot3dDialog();
      AxesDialog* showScalePageFromAxisDialog(int axisPos);
      AxesDialog* showAxisPageFromAxisDialog(int axisPos);
      void showAxisDialog();
      void showGridDialog();
      void showGeneralPlotDialog();
      void showResults(bool ok);
      void showResults(const QString& s, bool ok=true);
      void showTextDialog();
      void showLineDialog();
      void showTitleDialog();
      void showExportASCIIDialog();
      void showCurvesDialog();
      void showCurveRangeDialog();
      CurveRangeDialog* showCurveRangeDialog(Graph *g, int curve);
      void showPlotAssociations(int curve);

      void showXAxisTitleDialog();
      void showYAxisTitleDialog();
      void showRightAxisTitleDialog();
      void showTopAxisTitleDialog();
      void showColumnOptionsDialog();
      void showRowsDialog();
      void showDeleteRowsDialog();
      void showColsDialog();
      void showColMenu(int c);
      void showColumnValuesDialog();

      void showGraphContextMenu();
      void showTableContextMenu(bool selection);
      void showWindowContextMenu();
      void showWindowTitleBarMenu();
      void showCurveContextMenu(int curveKey);
      void showCurvePlotDialog();
      void showCurveWorksheet();
    void showCurveWorksheet(Graph *g, int curveIndex);
      void showWindowPopupMenu(Q3ListViewItem *it, const QPoint &p, int);

      //! Connected to the context menu signal from lv; it's called when there are several items selected in the list
      void showListViewSelectionMenu(const QPoint &p);

      //! Connected to the context menu signal from lv; it's called when there are no items selected in the list
      void showListViewPopupMenu(const QPoint &p);

      void showScriptWindow();
      void showMoreWindows();
      void showMarkerPopupMenu();
      void showHelp();
      static void showStandAloneHelp();
      void chooseHelpFolder();
      void showPlotWizard();
      void showFitPolynomDialog();
      void showIntegrationDialog();
      void showInterpolationDialog();
      void showExpGrowthDialog();
      void showExpDecayDialog();
      void showExpDecayDialog(int type);
      void showTwoExpDecayDialog();
      void showExpDecay3Dialog();
      void showRowStatistics();
      void showColStatistics();
      void showFitDialog();
      void showImageDialog();
      void showLayerDialog();
      void showPreferencesDialog();
      void showMatrixDialog();
      void showMatrixSizeDialog();
      void showMatrixValuesDialog();
      void showSmoothSavGolDialog();
      void showSmoothFFTDialog();
      void showSmoothAverageDialog();
    void showSmoothDialog(int m);
      void showFilterDialog(int filter);
      void lowPassFilterDialog();
      void highPassFilterDialog();
      void bandPassFilterDialog();
      void bandBlockFilterDialog();
      void showFFTDialog();
      void showColorMapDialog();

      void translateCurveHor();
      void translateCurveVert();

      //! Removes the curve identified by a key stored in the data() of actionRemoveCurve.
      void removeCurve();
      void hideCurve();
      void hideOtherCurves();
      void showAllCurves();
      void setCurveFullRange();

      void setAscValues();
      void setRandomValues();
      void setXCol();
      void setYCol();
      void setZCol();
      void setXErrCol();
      void setYErrCol();
      void setLabelCol();
      void disregardCol();
      void setReadOnlyCol();
      void setReadOnlyColumns();
      void setReadWriteColumns();
      void swapColumns();
      void moveColumnRight();
      void moveColumnLeft();
      void moveColumnFirst();
      void moveColumnLast();

      void updateConfirmOptions(bool askTables, bool askMatrixes, bool askPlots2D, bool askPlots3D, bool askNotes);

      //! \name Plot3D Tools
      void toggle3DAnimation(bool on = true);
       //! Turns perspective mode on or off
      void togglePerspective(bool on = true);
      //! Resets rotation of 3D plots to default values
      void resetRotation();
      //! Finds best layout for the 3D plot
      void fitFrameToLayer();
      void setFramed3DPlot();
      void setBoxed3DPlot();
      void removeAxes3DPlot();
      void removeGrid3DPlot();
      void setHiddenLineGrid3DPlot();
      void setLineGrid3DPlot();
      void setPoints3DPlot();
      void setCrosses3DPlot();
      void setCones3DPlot();
      void setBars3DPlot();
      void setFilledMesh3DPlot();
      void setEmptyFloor3DPlot();
      void setFloorData3DPlot();
      void setFloorIso3DPlot();
      void setFloorGrid3DPlot(bool on);
      void setCeilGrid3DPlot(bool on);
      void setRightGrid3DPlot(bool on);
      void setLeftGrid3DPlot(bool on);
      void setFrontGrid3DPlot(bool on);
      void setBackGrid3DPlot(bool on);
      void pickPlotStyle( QAction* action );
      void pickCoordSystem( QAction* action);
      void pickFloorStyle( QAction* action);
      void custom3DActions(QWidget *w);
      void custom3DGrids(int grids);

      void updateRecentProjectsList();

      //!  connected to the done(bool) signal of the http object
      void receivedVersionFile(bool error);
      //!  called when the user presses the actionCheckUpdates
      void searchForUpdates();

      void showDonationDialog();
      //! Open support page in external browser
      void showSupportPage();
      //! Open donation page in external browser
      void showDonationsPage();
      //! Open QtiPlot homepage in external browser
      void showHomePage();
      //! Open forums page at berliOS in external browser
      void showForums();
      //! Open bug tracking system at berliOS in external browser
      void showBugTracker();
      //! Show download page in external browser
      void downloadManual();
      //! Show translations page in external browser
      void downloadTranslation();
      //! Shown when the user tries to save the project.
      void showDemoVersionMessage();

      void parseCommandLineArguments(const QStringList& args);
      void createLanguagesList();
      void switchToLanguage(int param);
      void switchToLanguage(const QString& locale);

      bool alreadyUsedName(const QString& label);
      bool projectHas2DPlots();

      //! Returns a pointer to the window named "name"
      QWidget* window(const QString& name);

      //! Returns a list with the names of all the matrices in the project
      QStringList matrixNames();

      //! \name Notes
      //! Creates a new empty note window
      Note* newNote(const QString& caption = QString());
      Note* openNote(ApplicationWindow* app, const QStringList &flist);
      void initNote(Note* m, const QString& caption);
      void saveNoteAs();

      //! \name Folders
      //! Returns a pointer to the current folder in the project
00818       Folder* currentFolder(){return current_folder;};
      //! Adds a new folder to the project
      void addFolder();
      Folder* addFolder(QString name, Folder* parent = NULL);
      //! Deletes the current folder
      void deleteFolder();

      //! Ask confirmation from user, deletes the folder f if user confirms and returns true, otherwise returns false;
      bool deleteFolder(Folder *f);

      //! Deletes the currently selected items from the list view #lv.
      void deleteSelectedItems();
      //! Hides the currently selected windows from the list view #lv.
      void hideSelectedWindows();
    //! Show the currently selected windows from the list view #lv.
      void showSelectedWindows();

      //! Sets all items in the folders list view to be desactivated (QPixmap = folder_closed_xpm)
      void desactivateFolders();

      //! Changes the current folder. Returns true if successfull
      bool changeFolder(Folder *newFolder, bool force = false);

      //! Changes the current folder when the user changes the current item in the QListView "folders"
      void folderItemChanged(Q3ListViewItem *it);
      //! Changes the current folder when the user double-clicks on a folder item in the QListView "lv"
      void folderItemDoubleClicked(Q3ListViewItem *it);

      //!  creates and opens the context menu of a folder list view item
       * \param it list view item
       * \param p mouse global position
       * \param fromFolders: true means that the user clicked right mouse buttom on an item from QListView "folders"
       *                               false means that the user clicked right mouse buttom on an item from QListView "lv"
      void showFolderPopupMenu(Q3ListViewItem *it, const QPoint &p, bool fromFolders);

      //!  connected to the SIGNAL contextMenuRequested from the list views
      void showFolderPopupMenu(Q3ListViewItem *it, const QPoint &p, int);

      //!  starts renaming the selected folder by creating a built-in text editor
      void startRenameFolder();

      //!  starts renaming the selected folder by creating a built-in text editor
      void startRenameFolder(Q3ListViewItem *item);

      //!  checks weather the new folder name is valid and modifies the name
      void renameFolder(Q3ListViewItem *it, int col, const QString &text);

      //!  forces showing all windows in the current folder and subfolders, depending on the user's viewing policy
      void showAllFolderWindows();

      //!  forces hidding all windows in the current folder and subfolders, depending on the user's viewing policy
      void hideAllFolderWindows();

      //!  hides all windows in folder f
      void hideFolderWindows(Folder *f);

      //!  pops up folder information
      void folderProperties();

      //!  pops up information about the selected window item
      void windowProperties();

      //!  pops up information about the current project
      void projectProperties();

      //! Pops up a file dialog and invokes appendProject(const QString&) on the result.
      void appendProject();
      //! Open the specified project file and add it as a subfolder to the parentFolder or to the current folder if no parent folder is specified.
      Folder* appendProject(const QString& file_name, Folder* parentFolder = 0);
      void saveAsProject();
      void saveFolderAsProject(Folder *f);
      void saveFolder(Folder *folder, const QString& fn, bool compress = false);

      //!  adds a folder list item to the list view "lv"
      void addFolderListViewItem(Folder *f);

      //!  adds a widget list item to the list view "lv"
      void addListViewItem(MyWidget *w);

      //!  hides or shows windows in the current folder and changes the view windows policy
      void setShowWindowsPolicy(int p);

      //!  returns a pointer to the root project folder
      Folder* projectFolder();

      //!  used by the findDialog
      void find(const QString& s, bool windowNames, bool labels, bool folderNames,
                    bool caseSensitive, bool partialMatch, bool subfolders);

      //!  initializes the list of items dragged by the user
00910       void dragFolderItems(QList<Q3ListViewItem *> items){draggedItems = items;};

      //!  Drop the objects in the list draggedItems to the folder of the destination item
      void dropFolderItems(Q3ListViewItem *dest);

      //!  moves a folder item to another
       * \param src source folder item
       * \param dest destination folder item
      void moveFolder(FolderListItem *src, FolderListItem *dest);

      void foldersMenuActivated( int id );

      //! \name Scripting
      //! notify the user that an error occured in the scripting system
      void scriptError(const QString &message, const QString &scriptName, int lineNumber);
      //! execute all notes marked auto-exec
      void executeNotes();
      //! show scripting language selection dialog
      void showScriptingLangDialog();
      //! create a new environment for the current scripting language
      void restartScriptingEnv();
      //! print to scripting console (if available) or to stdout
      void scriptPrint(const QString &text);
      //! switches to the given scripting language; if this is the same as the current one and force is true, restart it
      bool setScriptingLanguage(const QString &lang, bool force=false);

      void scriptsDirPathChanged(const QString& path);

      void showToolBarsMenu();

      void modified();

      virtual QMenu * createPopupMenu(){return NULL;};

private slots:
    //! \name Initialization
      void insertTranslatedStrings();
      void translateActionsStrings();
      void init(bool factorySettings = false);
      void initGlobalConstants();
      void createActions();
      void initMainMenu();
      void initToolBars();
      void initPlot3DToolBar();
      void disableActions();
      void customColumnActions();
      void disableToolbars();
      void customToolBars(QWidget* w);
      void customMenu(QWidget* w);
      void windowActivated(QWidget *w);

      void analysisMenuAboutToShow();
      void fileMenuAboutToShow();
      void matrixMenuAboutToShow();
      void plotMenuAboutToShow();
      void plotDataMenuAboutToShow();
      void tableMenuAboutToShow();
      void windowsMenuAboutToShow();
      void windowsMenuActivated( int id );

      //! \name Font Format Functions
      void enableTextEditor(Graph *g);
      void setFormatBarFont(const QFont &);
      void setFontSize(int);
      void setFontFamily(const QFont &);
      void setItalicFont(bool);
      void setBoldFont(bool);
    void insertSuperscript();
    void insertSubscript();
    void underline();
    void insertGreekSymbol();

      void showCustomActionDialog();
      void performCustomAction(QAction *);

// TODO: a lot of this stuff should be private
    QString customActionsDirPath;
      bool d_matrix_tool_bar, d_file_tool_bar, d_table_tool_bar, d_column_tool_bar, d_edit_tool_bar;
      bool d_plot_tool_bar, d_plot3D_tool_bar, d_display_tool_bar, d_format_tool_bar;
      bool d_backup_files;
      WindowType d_init_window_type;
      QRect d_script_win_rect, d_app_rect;
      bool d_script_win_on_top;
      bool d_inform_rename_table;
      QString d_export_col_separator;
      bool d_export_col_names, d_export_table_selection, d_export_col_comment;

    bool d_thousands_sep;
    //! Last selected filter in export image dialog
01011     QString d_image_export_filter;
    bool d_keep_plot_aspect;
    int d_export_vector_size;
    bool d_export_transparency;
    int d_export_quality;
    int d_export_resolution;
    bool d_export_color;
      //! Locale used to specify the decimal separators in imported ASCII files
01019       QLocale d_ASCII_import_locale;
    //! Last selected filter in import ASCII dialog
01021     QString d_ASCII_file_filter, d_ASCII_comment_string;
      bool d_import_dec_separators, d_ASCII_import_comments, d_ASCII_import_read_only, d_ASCII_import_preview;
      int d_ASCII_import_mode, d_preview_lines;
      //! Specifies if only the Tables/Matrices in the current folder should be displayed in the Add/remove curve dialog.
01025       bool d_show_current_folder;
      bool d_scale_plots_on_print, d_print_cropmarks;
      bool d_show_table_comments;
      bool d_extended_plot_dialog;
      bool d_extended_import_ASCII_dialog;
      bool d_extended_export_dialog;
      bool d_extended_open_dialog;
      bool generateUniformFitPoints;
      bool generatePeakCurves;
      int peakCurvesColor;
      //! User defined size for the Add/Remove curves dialog
01036       QSize d_add_curves_dialog_size;

      //! Scale the errors output in fit operations with reduced chi^2
01039       bool fit_scale_errors;

      //! Number of points in a generated fit curve
01042       int fitPoints;

      //! Calculate only 2 points in a generated linear fit function curve
01045       bool d_2_linear_fit_points;

      bool pasteFitResultsToPlot;

      //! Write fit output information to Result Log
01050       bool writeFitResultsToLog;

      //! precision used for the output of the fit operations
01053       int fit_output_precision;

      //! default precision to be used for all other operations than fitting
01056       int d_decimal_digits;

      //! pointer to the current folder in the project
01059       Folder *current_folder;
      //! Describes which windows are shown when the folder becomes the current folder
01061       ShowWindowsPolicy show_windows_policy;
      enum {MaxRecentProjects = 10};
      //! File version code used when opening project files (= maj * 100 + min * 10 + patch)
01064       int d_file_version;

      QColor workspaceColor, panelsColor, panelsTextColor;
      QString appStyle, workingDir;

      //! Path to the folder where the last template file was opened/saved
01070       QString templatesDir;
      bool smooth3DMesh, autoScaleFonts, autoResizeLayers, askForSupport, autoSearchUpdates;
      bool confirmCloseTable, confirmCloseMatrix, confirmClosePlot2D, confirmClosePlot3D;
      bool confirmCloseFolder, confirmCloseNotes;
      bool titleOn, autoSave, drawBackbones, allAxesOn, autoscale2DPlots, antialiasing2DPlots;
      int majTicksStyle, minTicksStyle, legendFrameStyle, autoSaveTime, axesLineWidth, canvasFrameWidth;
      QColor legendBackground, legendTextColor, defaultArrowColor;
      int defaultArrowLineWidth, defaultArrowHeadLength, defaultArrowHeadAngle;
      bool defaultArrowHeadFill;
      Qt::PenStyle defaultArrowLineStyle;
      int majTicksLength, minTicksLength, defaultPlotMargin;
      int defaultCurveStyle, defaultCurveLineWidth, defaultSymbolSize;
      QFont appFont, plot3DTitleFont, plot3DNumbersFont, plot3DAxesFont;
      QFont tableTextFont, tableHeaderFont, plotAxesFont, plotLegendFont, plotNumbersFont, plotTitleFont;
      QColor tableBkgdColor, tableTextColor, tableHeaderColor;
      QString projectname,columnSeparator, helpFilePath, appLanguage;
      QString configFilePath, fitPluginsPath, fitModelsPath, asciiDirPath, imagesDirPath, scriptsDirPath;
      int ignoredLines, savingTimerId, plot3DResolution, recentMenuID;
      bool renameColumns, strip_spaces, simplify_spaces;
      QStringList recentProjects, tableWindows;
      bool saved, showPlot3DProjection, showPlot3DLegend, orthogonal3DPlots, autoscale3DPlots;
      QStringList plot3DColors, locales;
      QStringList functions; //user-defined functions;
      QStringList xFunctions, yFunctions, rFunctions, thetaFunctions; // user functions for parametric and polar plots
      QStringList surfaceFunc; //user-defined surface functions;
    QStringList d_param_surface_func; //user-defined parametric surface functions;
      //! List of tables and matrices renamed in order to avoid conflicts when appending a project to a folder
01097       QStringList renamedTables;

      //! \name variables used when user copy/paste markers
      LegendWidget *d_text_copy;
      ArrowMarker *d_arrow_copy;
      ImageMarker *d_image_copy;

      //! Equals true if an automatical search for updates was performed on start-up otherwise is set to false;
01107       bool autoSearchUpdatesRequest;

      //! The scripting language to use for new projects.
01110       QString defaultScriptingLang;

    TextEditor *d_text_editor;
    QLocale d_locale;

      int demoCloseTimerId;

      //! Workaround for the new colors introduced in rev 447
      int convertOldToNewColorIndex(int cindex);

      //! Stores the pointers to the dragged items from the FolderListViews objects
01124       QList<Q3ListViewItem *> draggedItems;

      //! Used when checking for new versions
01127       QHttp http;
      //! Used when checking for new versions
01129       QBuffer version_buffer;

      Graph *lastCopiedLayer;
      QSplitter *explorerSplitter;

      QAssistantClient *assistant;
      ScriptWindow *scriptWindow;
      QTranslator *appTranslator, *qtTranslator;
      QDockWidget *explorerWindow;
      QTextEdit *results;
      QDockWidget *consoleWindow;
      QTextEdit *console;
      QWorkspace *ws;
    QToolBar *fileTools, *plotTools, *tableTools, *columnTools, *plot3DTools, *displayBar, *editTools, *plotMatrixBar;
      QToolBar *formatToolBar;
      QToolButton *btnResults;
      QWidgetList *hiddenWindows, *outWindows;
      QLineEdit *info;
      QWidget *lastModified;

      QMenu *windowsMenu, *foldersMenu, *view, *graph, *fileMenu, *format, *edit, *recent;
      QMenu *help, *plot2DMenu, *analysisMenu, *multiPeakMenu;
      QMenu *matrixMenu, *plot3DMenu, *plotDataMenu, *tablesDepend, *scriptingMenu;
      QMenu *tableMenu, *fillMenu, *normMenu, *newMenu, *exportPlotMenu, *smoothMenu, *filterMenu, *decayMenu;

      QAction *actionEditCurveRange, *actionCurveFullRange, *actionShowAllCurves, *actionHideCurve, *actionHideOtherCurves;
      QAction *actionEditFunction, *actionRemoveCurve, *actionShowCurveWorksheet, *actionShowCurvePlotDialog;
    QAction *actionNewProject, *actionNewNote, *actionNewTable, *actionNewFunctionPlot;
    QAction *actionNewSurfacePlot, *actionNewMatrix, *actionNewGraph, *actionNewFolder;
    QAction *actionOpen, *actionLoadImage, *actionSaveProject, *actionSaveProjectAs, *actionImportImage;
    QAction *actionLoad, *actionUndo, *actionRedo;
    QAction *actionCopyWindow;
    QAction *actionCutSelection, *actionCopySelection, *actionPasteSelection, *actionClearSelection;
    QAction *actionShowExplorer, *actionShowLog, *actionAddLayer, *actionShowLayerDialog, *actionAutomaticLayout;
    QAction *actionShowConsole;
    QAction *actionSwapColumns, *actionMoveColRight, *actionMoveColLeft, *actionMoveColFirst, *actionMoveColLast;
    QAction *actionExportGraph, *actionExportAllGraphs, *actionPrint, *actionPrintAllPlots, *actionShowExportASCIIDialog;
    QAction *actionExportPDF, *actionReadOnlyCol;
    QAction *actionCloseAllWindows, *actionClearLogInfo, *actionShowPlotWizard, *actionShowConfigureDialog;
    QAction *actionShowCurvesDialog, *actionAddErrorBars, *actionAddFunctionCurve, *actionUnzoom, *actionNewLegend, *actionAddImage, *actionAddText;
    QAction *actionPlotL, *actionPlotP, *actionPlotLP, *actionPlotVerticalDropLines, *actionPlotSpline;
    QAction *actionPlotVertSteps, *actionPlotHorSteps, *actionPlotVerticalBars;
      QAction *actionPlotHorizontalBars, *actionPlotArea, *actionPlotPie, *actionPlotVectXYAM, *actionPlotVectXYXY;
    QAction *actionPlotHistogram, *actionPlotStackedHistograms, *actionPlot2VerticalLayers, *actionPlot2HorizontalLayers, *actionPlot4Layers, *actionPlotStackedLayers;
    QAction *actionPlot3DRibbon, *actionPlot3DBars, *actionPlot3DScatter, *actionPlot3DTrajectory;
    QAction *actionShowColStatistics, *actionShowRowStatistics, *actionShowIntDialog;
    QAction *actionDifferentiate, *actionFitLinear, *actionShowFitPolynomDialog;
    QAction *actionShowExpDecayDialog, *actionShowTwoExpDecayDialog, *actionShowExpDecay3Dialog;
    QAction *actionFitExpGrowth, *actionFitSigmoidal, *actionFitGauss, *actionFitLorentz, *actionShowFitDialog;
    QAction *actionShowAxisDialog, *actionShowTitleDialog;
    QAction *actionShowColumnOptionsDialog, *actionShowColumnValuesDialog, *actionShowColsDialog, *actionShowRowsDialog;
    QAction *actionTableRecalculate;
    QAction *actionAbout, *actionShowHelp, *actionChooseHelpFolder;
    QAction *actionRename, *actionCloseWindow, *actionConvertTable;
    QAction *actionAddColToTable, *actionDeleteLayer, *actionInterpolate;
    QAction *actionResizeActiveWindow, *actionHideActiveWindow;
    QAction *actionShowMoreWindows, *actionPixelLineProfile, *actionIntensityTable;
    QAction *actionShowLineDialog, *actionShowImageDialog, *actionShowTextDialog;
    QAction *actionActivateWindow, *actionMinimizeWindow, *actionMaximizeWindow, *actionHideWindow, *actionResizeWindow, *actionPrintWindow;
    QAction *actionEditSurfacePlot, *actionAdd3DData;
      QAction *actionMatrixDeterminant, *actionSetMatrixProperties;
      QAction *actionSetMatrixDimensions, *actionConvertMatrix, *actionSetMatrixValues, *actionTransposeMatrix, *actionInvertMatrix;
      QAction *actionPlot3DWireFrame, *actionPlot3DHiddenLine, *actionPlot3DPolygons, *actionPlot3DWireSurface;
      QAction *actionColorMap, *actionContourMap, *actionGrayMap;
      QAction *actionDeleteFitTables, *actionShowGridDialog, *actionTimeStamp;
      QAction *actionSmoothSavGol, *actionSmoothFFT, *actionSmoothAverage, *actionFFT;
      QAction *actionLowPassFilter, *actionHighPassFilter, *actionBandPassFilter, *actionBandBlockFilter;
      QAction *actionSortTable, *actionSortSelection, *actionNormalizeSelection;
      QAction *actionNormalizeTable, *actionConvolute, *actionDeconvolute, *actionCorrelate, *actionAutoCorrelate;
      QAction *actionTranslateHor, *actionTranslateVert, *actionSetAscValues, *actionSetRandomValues;
      QAction *actionSetXCol, *actionSetYCol, *actionSetZCol, *actionSetLabelCol, *actionDisregardCol, *actionSetXErrCol, *actionSetYErrCol;
      QAction *actionBoxPlot, *actionMultiPeakGauss, *actionMultiPeakLorentz, *actionCheckUpdates;
      QAction *actionDonate, *actionHomePage, *actionDownloadManual, *actionTechnicalSupport, *actionTranslations;
      QAction *actionHelpForums, *actionHelpBugReports;
      QAction *actionShowPlotDialog, *actionShowScaleDialog, *actionOpenTemplate, *actionSaveTemplate;
      QAction *actionNextWindow, *actionPrevWindow;
      QAction *actionScriptingLang, *actionRestartScripting, *actionClearTable, *actionGoToRow;
      QAction *actionNoteExecute, *actionNoteExecuteAll, *actionNoteEvaluate, *actionSaveNote;
      QAction *actionShowScriptWindow;
      QAction *actionAnimate, *actionPerspective, *actionFitFrame, *actionResetRotation;
    QAction *actionDeleteRows, *actionDrawPoints;
      QActionGroup* dataTools;
      QAction *btnCursor, *btnSelect, *btnPicker, *btnRemovePoints, *btnMovePoints;
      QAction *btnZoomIn, *btnZoomOut, *btnPointer, *btnLine, *btnArrow;
      QAction *actionFlipMatrixVertically, *actionFlipMatrixHorizontally, *actionRotateMatrix;
      QAction *actionViewMatrixImage, *actionViewMatrix, *actionExportMatrix;
    QAction *actionMatrixGrayScale, *actionMatrixRainbowScale, *actionMatrixCustomScale, *actionRotateMatrixMinus;
    QAction *actionMatrixXY, *actionMatrixColumnRow, *actionImagePlot, *actionToolBars;
    QAction *actionMatrixFFTDirect, *actionMatrixFFTInverse;
      QAction *actionFontBold, *actionFontItalic, *actionFontBox, *actionFontSize;
      QAction *actionSuperscript, *actionSubscript, *actionUnderline, *actionGreekSymbol, *actionCustomActionDialog;

      QActionGroup* coord;
      QAction* Box;
    QAction* Frame;
    QAction* None;

      QActionGroup* grids;
    QAction* front;
    QAction* back;
    QAction* right;
    QAction* left;
    QAction* ceil;
    QAction* floor;

      QActionGroup* floorstyle;
    QAction* floordata;
    QAction* flooriso;
    QAction* floornone;

      QActionGroup* plotstyle;
    QAction* wireframe;
    QAction* hiddenline;
    QAction* polygon;
    QAction* filledmesh;
    QAction* pointstyle;
      QAction* barstyle;
      QAction *conestyle, *crossHairStyle;
    QList<QAction *> d_user_actions;

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